About us

50 years of experience
Silver Frame Quarzite 925

Since 1972

Center Silver was founded in 1972 thanks to extensive experience and deep passion of one of the Ciacci brothers who, after working in the sector for ten years, decided to open a new company capable of spreading the silver culture into the precious metal market and acting as a reference point in central Italy for all companies operating in the distribution of the finished product. 

The company was founded thanks to the perfect combination of entrepreneurial talent and love for a material that has always fascinated and conquered: silver. It is this passion that drove the Ciacci brothers to chose products of impeccable quality made using the best techniques and with stylish looks for their clients on a daily basis.

Reliability, professionalism, choice of high quality raw materials and over twenty years experience now allow the Ciacci brothers to present the Center Silver on line with Emozioni D’Argento. Buying silver and crystal on this site means having the guarantee of receiving an excellent product both in regards to the raw material and processing. Choose a gift, decorating the rooms in your home with unique objects or setting up their shop windows becomes an absolute pleasure and a real comfort with Emozioni D’Argento. With just a few clicks you can choose other beautiful objects meant to last forever.

F.lli Ciacci