Our products

Our products

Like sun and moon, in a dance of love…
The selection of products that we offer on this website is divided into two broad categories: silver products and crystal products. ?Silver and crystal as the moon and the sun … the first is Argentinian ethereal and elegant, it offers graceful and delicately refined brightness. The sun on the other hand, just like the crystal, gives our eyes a dazzling triumph of light and a myriad of Colors that open to the world around them with joy. ?Sun and moon, silver and crystal, blend in an elegant dance of love and give life to exceptionally unique environments that are able to excite. ?And to leave you speechless…

You can take your pick.
?Flip through the pages of this website as you would the pages of a book … all of them will be a surprise to discover, a special object to be experienced … choose the products that best speak to you, who know how to reflect your way of being. Within each gallery you will find a beautiful and high quality selection … and quality and beauty will speak of you: crystal vases, silver cutlery, frames and accessories for your home, pendants, bracelets and jewellery in silver for you. And much, much more …

Quality above all.?
Emozioni D’Argento satisfies your desire for quality and beauty by offering a wide range of products selected with the utmost care.?Silver and crystal of the best quality that you can find on the market, absolutely exclusive forms and processing and absolutely and great value for money make the Emozioni D’Aergno products something unique for the heart and soul … and something of value to maintain for a lifetime. Because the silver and crystals that we offer you reflect your world and gain value over time.

A perfect gift for every moment.?
A silver gift leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of those who receive it … to confirm or reveal a feeling, to talk about love with grace, to emphasize a love that never faded. A word of advice? Choose a 925 silver gift: the perfect gift that is never wrong.

Pure silver, pure pleasure.?
As Hippocrates in the third century B.C., even today many scholars argue that silver has healing properties and beneficial effects on the human body. We like to add that silver, with its remarkable brightness and its perfectly smooth surface, cheers the spirit of those who admire and own it. Do not miss your chance to own an object among the many that we offer here on Emozioni D’Argento: pure 925 silver … a pure pleasure for the body and spirit.

A jingle that speaks for itself.?
Elegant and sophisticated, the crystal delights our senses with an ethereal and multi-coloured play of light and with a gentle tinkling that emphasizes the value and quality. Glassware for home and Swarovski crystals on this website all stand out for their excellent quality both in terms of raw material and processing.